Empowering Parents to Reconnect as Lovers and Friends


Written By: Annie

In years gone by women were informed, nourished, nurtured and sustained by  other women within their community; their mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, granddaughters, neighbours, friends and elders. Story telling played a central role in women’s work and play. It was the way women shared of wisdom and information, the manner in which social and cultural mores were sustained and perpetuated.

Sacred Circles allow women to:

◦ share and process life together

◦ support themselves and each other, and create more self awareness in the process

◦ acknowledge and celebrate various rites of passage including marriage, birthing, friendship and menarche.

I offer the opportunity to join a regular circles and workshops in a safe private space or to conduct them in your own spaces. I have a number of circle, workshop and ritual themes which are suitable for women of any stage in thier journey. Although are spiritual, they are non religious, non denomination, are nurturing and non confronting. Tailored circles celebrate stages within a womans life, that of the rites of passage,  the journey of the woman through her pregnancy and her preparation for birth and bonding to mark specific events.

Women’s Wisdom Circles

Mothers’ R & R (Reclaim and Reignite) Circles

Sex  Beyond Birthing Workshop

Tailored Circles


Bookings can be made via email.

More circles and workshops will be added as we progress through the year!

Would you like Annie to speak to your group or at your event?  She is passionate about getting her message out and would be delighted to speak at your group at no cost to you.




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