Empowering Parents to Reconnect as Lovers and Friends


Written By: Annie

Have you wondered what impact birth has on your sex life?

Do you have concerns or questions about what to expect emotionally, psychologically and physically after birth?

Are you looking for down to earth, honest and realistic information and advice about sex after birthing?

Have you wondered how to reclaim or reignite that spark, but are at a loss as to why or how it even went out?

If you are pregnant, or in a newly pregnant partnership, just birthed or have children of any age and have wondered about any of these things or know anyone in this situation – welcome!

In writing “Reclaim Sex After Childbirth: The Survival Guide ” and creating this website it has been Annie’s passion to provide information and inspiration, as well as a safe space for questions to be asked and wisdom to be shared.

The site is  for parents-to-be, new parents, individuals and organisations that support and care for parents and for any couples who are experiencing difficulties in reclaiming intimacy and sex as parents.

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